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About NRTB
Introducing the NRTB
In 1998, Citizens of Bridgewater formed the Natural Resources Trust of Bridgewater as a land trust, in order to promote the conservation of land in Bridgewater and adjoining communities. The diverse leadership of the NRTB includes long-time residents and people new to town Meet the board of directors and other leaders.
What is a Land Trust?
A land trust is a regional or local non-profit organization that is directly involved in protecting land for its natural, scenic, recreational, historic, or productive value, such as family farming.
NRTB's Mission
The Natural Resources Trust of Bridgewater shall work to acquire and preserve the natural resources and wildlife in the Town of Bridgewater and abutting communities. We shall strive to maintain the rural character and charm of the towns, protect the river corridor and wetland areas, preserve open space and wildlife habitat, and provide for recreational areas. The Trust will operate in harmony with each town's Open Space and recreation plan.

Our Objectives
In accordance with its Mission Statement, NRTB seeks to:

  • Work with other community leaders and organizations to ensure that open-space preservation remains an integral part of Bridgewater's overall management strategy
  • Work in cooperation with local and state officials to coordinate open-space efforts and secure grants
  • Educate the public regarding local environmental and open-space issues
  • Advise landowners regarding estate-planning benefits of land preservation
  • Accept gifts of land appropriate to its mission
  • Acquire lands of conservation, historical, and/or recreational interest

Why a Land Trust in Bridgewater?

Here's why:
Preserving the potential of some land as open space helps to maintain a high quality of life in Bridgewater

A land trust can help Bridgewater to qualify for grants to fund natural resources projects

Open space can reduce street flooding and maintain moderate flow in streams

A Land Trust can facilitate estate planning for those who wish to protect the character of family property
into the future

Vegetated lands are good for air quality

Land kept in reserve maintains water tables

Open space is habitat for wildlife

Balanced growth helps to moderate demand for town services, with benefits for town taxpayers

Reserved land attracts birds to the town



Natural Resources Trust of Bridgewater
P.O. Box 15, Bridgewater MA 02324
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